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70’s Bell Bottom Pants Plus Size for Curvy Women

With the altering fashion styles, we have witnessed many outfits come and go with its contemporary era. In the 1970’s, Hollywood introduced the hippie style costume that sometimes came with flare.

For curvy women, 70’s Bell Bottom Pants Plus Size with high waist can be an alternate fashion statement. The ’60s-’70s era saw the evolution of rock music that gave rise to bell bottom jeans which were popular among the young generation.

The trousers are available in 4x and 5x size ranges which are extremely comfortable and fashion trendy.

Types: Striped, Solids, Printed, Checkered and More

Colors: Black, White, Pink, Grey, Blue, Beige, and More

Styles: High Waist, Palazzo, Hippie, Retro, Vintage, Boho, Chatoyant, Tall, More

Material: Cotton, Khaki, Stretchable Fabric, Denim and More

You can look cooler by trying a bell bottom with a jacket and an aviator glass. You will also find leather style bell bottom costumes which specially designed for events.

But, this ever youth styling is not restricted within the young generation instead older ladies can try this to look hot and young. To order your pants for a retro look click the buy button below.

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70s Plus Size Bell Bottom Pants for Women

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