Jeans are basically a woman’s best friend and it is vital that you buy the right cut and fit for yourself. Whether that particular pair of denim is old or new, they are ever faithful and that help you look ultra chic. There are different designs that you could go for- the bootcut at the ankles has made a big return from the yesteryears nowadays and that makes you look taller, as well as the retro style high waisted jeans. Oversized and baggy jeans like that of the men are quite the fashion, and who doesn’t like to wear oversized clothes anyway? If ripped, faded and distressed jeans are your style; you can easily find the perfect plus sized pair online across this website for cheap. Nothing beats the good old skinny jeans or the traditional straight cut or the comfy, stretch jeans. Never underestimate a white piece of clothing, and a pair of white jeans whether short or long in length is a must have for every ladies’ wardrobe.