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Plus Size Anorak Jackets & Coats for Women

Plus size anorak jacket An anorak is almost a coat more often with a hood. The Caribou Inuit were the first to wear them for hunting or kayaking. Its major attraction is that it is windproof and waterproof because of it’s synthetic or faux fur lining. With more and more people making it a style statement, the curvy women are nowhere stepping back.

There are a number of colors and variations which are apt for the plus size out there. It’s a hiking jacket made of tough khaki initially. With time and experimentation, they come in the form of army green jackets loaded with pockets. They are best used to beat the rain and snow because of the water resistant feature. 

During winter, it can be a staple wardrobe statement as it keeps you warm and is easy to style. You can style an army green Anorak jacket with a light grey sweater. Another way to style it is to pair with a fitted sweater with skinny jeans. Another way to make heads turn is to pair a short brown leather jacket with a white fringe scarf.

For the full-figured women pairing an Anorak with a lace dress or high boots will also give oomph to the whole styling. Go ahead to kill!

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